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Automotion Mobile Mechanics offer mobile vehicle servicing, diagnostics, car repairs, van repairs and annual servicing.
We can fix electrical and mechanical faults in Christchurch, Bournemouth, Poole, Lymington

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Mobile vehicle servicing & diagnostics
With vehicle technology becoming more sophisticated it is essential to have the right
equipment. At Automotion we have the latest Snap-on MODIS engine management analyser,
which incorporates a fast 4 channel automotive scope, fault code scanner & component
tester. The MODIS has a high speed PC based platform, which makes this a world leader in
hand held diagnostics. The software is updated twice a year; this means we always have the
latest information available for most makes of vehicle. We have the Carmen Scan 2 Analyser
which is specific for all Japanese & Asian vehicles.

SERVICING - Free diagnostic health check with every service!
Having your vehicle serviced is very important as all modern vehicles have engine
management systems to keep it in tune for all its working life. Worn plugs, blocked filters &
poor oil quality can have a big effect on your engines performance & economy. If your
vehicle is more that 3 years old, then we can carry out our own standard service, this may
be the best option if you are unsure of your vehicles service history. As an Independent
Servicing & Repairer we are able to select your service & repair items from the world’s best
known brand names. This ensures that your vehicle is always serviced & repaired with OE
specification parts & lubricants. For more information
contact us. o MORE INFO o

Camshaft drive belt also known as timing belt, do break & can cause serious engine damage.
Camshaft drive belt technology has got better with a more durable material such as Highly
Saturated Nitrile (HSN). For this reason camshaft drive belts should last until the
manufacturers recommended mileage change. It’s usually something else that causes it to
fail prematurely, ie: water pump failure, guide pulley, belt tensioner, oil or antifreeze

Serpentine V belts, more commonly know as your alternator or fan belt, are now very
common on most vehicles. These belts drive your alternator, power steering, water pump &
air conditioning. If it breaks it won’t cause any damage to your engine so long as you stop
driving. If you can see radial cracks across the belt, have it changed at your next service.

With the ever increasing efficiency of braking systems (ABS) & harder materials being used
in the construction of brake pads, it is now quite common for brake discs to wear at the
same rate as your brake pads. If you do a lot of motorway driving with high speed stop
starts then disc changes may be required at 30,000 miles. Under normal driving conditions
discs will probably last up to 60,000 miles. We ensure your vehicle is always fitted with the
highest quality brakes meeting OE specifications.

Most manufactures recommend changing brake fluid at 2 year intervals, this is because
brake fluid will absorb moisture from the air. The water in the brake fluid causes the fluid to
boil at a lower temperature. How does it get that hot? Take a look at F1 racing; you can
quite often see the brake discs glowing. Your disc may not get that hot but quite close
during high speed braking. If your fluid boiling point is low it may cause brake fade or in
some cases brake failure. We will test your brake fluid for free, if it boils at 189c or lower -
then we recommend you have it changed.

If you ABS light stays illuminated it means there is a fault on the system. Your ABS system
will be turned off, although you will still have brakes, this is also an MOT failure. We can
diagnose & rectify this on most models.

Modern vehicles are fitted with sophisticated safety devises to help protect the occupants in
the event of an accident. On occasions you maybe aware that you have a light illuminated
on your dash board saying SRS or just a picture of an airbag. If this light is illuminated there
is a fault in the system & the entire airbag/srs system has been disabled, if you were
unfortunate to be involved in an accident none of these safety devises would function. We
can carry out a diagnostic check of the system & repair the fault on most makes of vehicles.

With vehicle electrics becoming more advanced & complicated we are able to locate & rectify
faults to most vehicles, whether it is changing a light bulb to fitting a stereo system or
replacing a complete wiring loom.
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